“We had a great gig at the Tavern that night… your singing was the very essence of phrasing and style…”” - Jullian Pressley, Band Leader - Tavern on the Green, New York
“Susan melted more than one heart with her sultry vocals on this Valentine’s Day weekend show…”” - Arther Pompacello, Manager, The Iridium Jazz Club, New York
“The first time Susan sang with us, we offered her a showcase of her own. We’ve seen a lot of vocalists come through here in the last 25 years, and Susan’s appeal is genuinely exciting and delightfully complex…like fine champagne!”” - The Marty and Elaine Duo, The Dresden Room, Hollywood, CA
“With her unique and delicately sexy voice, her fans and strangers alike kept asking for encores!”Justin Randi Manager” - Justin Randi, Manager, The Baked Potato, North Hollywood, CA
“This fresh new talent out of the pacific northwest is more than just a pretty face. She has a great style and vocal sound that fits the format like a glove. Check out her new single “Angel Eyes” (Sisu Heart Records) you’ll be glad you did!”” - Los Angeles, CA

— New Music Weekly

“Susan filled the house with her smooth, sultry vocals and drew her audience in by her playful yet poignant style”” - Eric Giraud, Booking Manager, Grazie Ristorante Seattle, WA
“Every Tuesday night Susan serenaded us with her fabulous standards and engaging personality…she brought pizzazz to the place!”” - Jim Taranto, Owner, Nana Carmela’s Seattle,WA
“Your vocals are quite appealing and soulful”” - A & R TAXI