"Love, Chase"....it's a Movie!

My son Keaton and I recently have been cast in a short independent film called "My Space". I am very excited about being a part of this film because it is based on true stories and is a current theme in our society today. It portrays a mom who is struggling to control her fourteen year old daughter from getting carried away with her my space page and all the boys trying to seduce her. So, she creates a "nice" guy to talk with her daughter and keep her occupied. This eventually backfires and her daughter falls in love with this fictitous character...to the point of changing her very existence.... We are filming through the month of October...I am SO happy to report ....I am co-writing a song with my cousin Janet that will be played at the end of the movie...called "My Angel" I will be singing the vocals and am very excited to have the opportunity!!!!

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