TLC Jazz Band has arrived!!!! 

Happy to report....News from Lake Chelan, WA.....the Susan House Trio has now merged with the Bob Soost Trio to form TLC jazz band! ( The Lake Chelan Jazz Band) Yeah!!!! Check out our performance dates and join us for some great Jazz Standards, beautiful views of the Lake, great food and wine...see you there!!!

Chelanigans....JAZZ Performances to commence.... 

Susan House Trio played at the Tunnel Hill Winery this past weekend...what an amazing I have some great musicians to play some gigs with over in Chelan so Look for Us in the Spring through Summer in Chelan cause we will be Jazzin it up big time with Bob Soost on Sax and John Duff on Keyboard...oh Yeah!!!

Improvisation Dinner Detective Theatre....!!! 

Ok...So...WHO DONE IT? If you come to the show and figure it out....YOU could win $100.00. YES! (with documentation of course) This is a new company from California that is opening this show at the Decca Hotel in the university district...Grand opening on the 27th of October. Every Saturday night shows thereafter. If you DO come, you DON'T know me as I need to be incognito....until after the show...then of course hugs are mandatory!!!

Bending the Line...! 

Have been working on a pilot called "Bending the Line". I have been cast as the host for a new program that will interview NW artists. We have filmed the first episode and have given it to channel 9 to consider picking it up. The first artist I interviewed is Robert Fairfax. He works with many mediums including; fractul art, tiles, cement and unbelievably talented artist that warrents many reviews of his various creations! I am waiting for a video of the first episode and will download it…

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Tulalup Commercial....!!! 

Got cast in a Tulalup Casino commercial for a two day shoot. Great on the edge production company (Fueled Creative) Bret Nielsen Producer did a fantastic job segwaying (did I spell that right?) through the different scenes. Very professional group of people to work with...great gig! PTW...Would love to get a copy of it to post on u-tube.....!!!!!

MaGraw Hill Voice Over... 

A brain tickeler this gig was....all advanced math voice over work. But pays the bills!!!! And a few days in the studio!!

And the Music Continues... 

My jazz trio now has been invited to perform every Sunday at the Capri Restaurant in Mill Creek, WA. It is family owned and Isabella and her family are very accommodating, warm and friendly...and the Italian food is delicious! I have some great musicians playing jazz standards with Chris Morton on keyboards and Nate Parker on bass. So come join us for a 'Sunday Funday' from 5-8pm every Sunday...I look forward to seeing you!!! Cheers!!


Just heard tonight that I am cast in this new full feature film that will be shot in Seattle NICE to be a part of the film industry here in Seattle. Hopefully, this will continue as we have such a great talent pool of actors and the area can certainly support it IF they so choose..Great opportunity...Yipee!!

"I DO, I DO ! 

My good friend Johnathan and I have been wanting to do this amazing two person musical for a long time...enter our good friend Pat Ainsworth and 'Last Leaf Productions' She cast us both and we are in the heart of rehearsals for this GREAT show...wonderful music and a heartfelt storyline...will we make it without cracking up? Only time will tell....The show will Premier February me for details....

and so the filming continues... 

Just wrapped another indie film called "The Lunch Box" with David Jofre as director...I had such a great part as the "cougar" bartender. What a fun group to work with as well as efficient...gotta like that as well! Can't wait to see the final product!