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Susan House: Press/Reviews

“We had a great gig at the Tavern that night… your singing was the very essence of phrasing and style…”
Jullian Pressley, Band Leader - Tavern on the Green, New York
“Susan melted more than one heart with her sultry vocals on this Valentine’s Day weekend show…”
Arther Pompacello, Manager, The Iridium Jazz Club, New York
“The first time Susan sang with us, we offered her a showcase of her own. We’ve seen a lot of vocalists come through here in the last 25 years, and Susan’s appeal is genuinely exciting and delightfully complex…like fine champagne!”
The Marty and Elaine Duo, The Dresden Room, Hollywood, CA
“With her unique and delicately sexy voice, her fans and strangers alike kept asking for encores!”Justin Randi Manager
Justin Randi, Manager, The Baked Potato, North Hollywood, CA
“This fresh new talent out of the pacific northwest is more than just a pretty face. She has a great style and vocal sound that fits the format like a glove. Check out her new single “Angel Eyes” (Sisu Heart Records) you’ll be glad you did!”
Los Angeles, CA - New Music Weekly
“Susan filled the house with her smooth, sultry vocals and drew her audience in by her playful yet poignant style”
Eric Giraud, Booking Manager, Grazie Ristorante Seattle, WA
“Every Tuesday night Susan serenaded us with her fabulous standards and engaging personality…she brought pizzazz to the place!”
Jim Taranto, Owner, Nana Carmela’s Seattle,WA
“Your vocals are quite appealing and soulful”

Press Review of "Gift of the Season" Christmas CD

"Life just is not fair. First, Susan House has a cookin' voice one of those airy pop instruments with richly-jeweled jazz undertones...Click here to download the full Review of Gifts of the Season.
Carol Swanson at (Nov 7, 2006)
”And ‘The Light of Christmas’ certainly deserves numerous spins on those egg nog nights” (click link below to read the entire review).
Kyrby Raine - Ink 19 (Dec, 2005)
”Susan House has written a cute Christmas tale, one that’ll put a grin on your face…”

(Click link below to read the entire review).
Kyrby Raine - Ink 19 (Dec, 2005)
As far as Christmas albums go, it doesn't get any better than this.
I've received a number of Xmas-themed discs the past couple of weeks, and "Gifts of the Season" from Susan House ( is the only one I'm going to review. And praise it I shall...Click here to read entire review.
Misbehavin’ Heart
[5 Oranges]
Gifts of the Season
[4 Oranges]
House specialties principally concocted for Filipino jazz enthusiasts

It is rare to find an album that soothes the soul and makes you want to believe in enchantment and prevalence of first-class taste. Though the latter is pretty much impossible, not in this reality at least; the former, on the other hand is quite within reach. The album alluded to is Susan House’s marvelous “Misbehavin’ Heart”, a collection of jazz standards. And when we say “jazz”, we don’t mean Kenny G.
Once you pop the CD into your player, the music will transport you to another place [no, the CD does isn’t laced with LSD] where you can imagine Susan the chanteuse as she appears on the back of the cover, wearing a dainty hat and an exquisite long sleeved blouse adorned with fluffy lapels, singing in a dimly lit, smoky lounge with Dick Tracy in the crowd.
Not an exaggeration or even a smidgen of unmitigated hyperbole, Susan House’s renditions of classics like the sultry “Summertime”, the elegant “Blue Moon”, and Duke Ellington’s “Satin Doll” will surely take you places. It might not be the same place depicted above but, well, you get the idea.
Moreover, as if the fates weren’t feeling philanthropic enough, we also have in our hands House’s Christmas extravaganza “Gifts of the Season.” Deliriously sentimental holiday classics litter the CD. What would a Christmas album be like without “Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let It Snow!”, “White Christmas”, “Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire”, “Do You Hear What I Hear?”, and the slit-your-throat “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” all done in a style that House employs. This ‘technique’, for the benefit of those who have not heard any of her stuff, is a bit more conventional than what Norah Jones is well-known for however it is not less inspiring. It is also important to mention that “Gifts of the Season” is not all covers. House co-wrote 3 original Christmas songs with David Gerstenberger on the album. The tracks fit in nice and snug with the oldies, I’m glad to say.
The kicker though is the magnificent “Silent Night.” The version, recorded with former VIVA Records artist Norm Santarin, is Susan House’s unanticipated and heartwarming gift to Filipinos. The song has the potential to rival Gary Valenciano’s “Pasko Na Sinta Ko” in the maudlin category, the only difference is that House and Santarin’s ‘Silent Night, while inherently melancholic, gives you a lift as well.
“Misbehavin’ Heart” and the apt “Gifts of the Season” are breaths of fresh air what with the abnormal popularity of bossa nova in the country [which smacks of corporate manipulation, by the way]. This is what jazz should be and Susan House, along with her bevy of outstanding musicians, is showing us how it should be done.
PULP Magazine (Dec 13, 2006)
Susan House
Gifts of the Season
by Karla Ash
Susan House is one of the few jazz musicians from the Pacific Northwest who are actually making an impact
nationally. Her new album, Gifts of the Season, is tied with a distribution deal in the Philippines, wherein she already has a couple of FM radio hits from it already. One of them is probably “Silent Night,” a duet with Filipino singer Norm Santarin. In a remarkably inventive move, “Silent Night” combines verses sung in
both English and Tagalog, which is the native language of the Philippines. The rest of the album is straightforward piano jazz but House’s sultry voice makes these aging nuggets crackle with new-found energy and charm. I especially love her sweeping version of “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!”, which is the perfect soundtrack for these parts at the moment.
More on Susan House:
Karla Ash - The Wig Fits All Heads (Dec 6, 2006)
Media name: Alex Pijnen
Company name: BRTO Radio
Date: 2006-12-11 08:55:50
Feedback: Great Album. Fantastic stuff for our Radio Station.
Alex Pijnen - BRTU Radio/ Netherlands (Dec 11, 2006)

International and Natonal Radio Directx Reviews

Media name: Tony Bates
Company name: Highlands 100.7FMDate: 2007-02-14 04:35:47
Feedback: What a great voice! Susan has the ability to blanket you with a soft covering of snow whilst the warmth of her voice warms the inner soul. I'd love to hear more contemporary jazz from this talented artist.
Tony Bates - Radio Directx (May 1, 2007)
Media name: Brenda Budd
Company name: Swing2Jazz / CHAI 101.9 FM
Date: 2008-03-27 01:47:01
Feedback: A delightful holiday cd. Perfect tunes and a great voice to go with them. I would love to hear you on standards as well. Soft and sexy works wonders to sell some of the great standards. You have the voice and style may you have success in the coming years. I need to wait till Nov to send the tunes up to my listeners but I am enjoying them now.

Media name: Bob Levoy
Company name: WRHU FM
Date: 2008-02-25 08:35:40
Feedback: Susan House's "Gifts of the Season" is a breath of fresh air. . .a highly-enjoyable, swinging treatment of holiday favorites and first-rate originals. Bob Collins The Jazz Cafe WRHU Hempstead, NY

Media name: Leroy / Radio Boomerang
Date: 2008-01-16 03:12:53
Feedback: Millésime Jazz Gifts of the season (1) Let it snow, let it snow, Let it snow ! 20/12/07 White christmas 20/12/07 Silent night On radio Boomerang 89.7 Best wishes Yvan

Media name: Gi Dussault
Company name: Upper Room Radio Show
Date: 2008-01-08 06:03:53
Feedback: Great Christmas CD. We played her a couple times during Christmas time on our radio show and our listeners loved her. Can't wait to hear more from Susan House. Thanks for the great CD. Gi Dussault Co-Host & Co-Producer Upper Room Radio Show
National and International Radio Reviews - Radio Directx (Feb 12, 2008)