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Susan House: News

TLC Jazz Band has arrived!!!! - March 24, 2014

Happy to report....News from Lake Chelan, WA.....the Susan House Trio has now merged with the Bob Soost Trio to form TLC jazz band!
( The Lake Chelan Jazz Band) Yeah!!!! Check out our performance dates and join us for some great Jazz Standards, beautiful views of the Lake, great food and wine...see you there!!!

Chelanigans....JAZZ Performances to commence.... - October 10, 2012

Susan House Trio played at the Tunnel Hill Winery this past weekend...what an amazing I have some great musicians to play some gigs with over in Chelan so Look for Us in the Spring through Summer in Chelan cause we will be Jazzin it up big time with Bob Soost on Sax and John Duff on Keyboard...oh Yeah!!!

Improvisation Dinner Detective Theatre....!!! - September 14, 2012

Ok...So...WHO DONE IT? If you come to the show and figure it out....YOU could win $100.00. YES! (with documentation of course) This is a new company from California that is opening this show at the Decca Hotel in the university district...Grand opening on the 27th of October. Every Saturday night shows thereafter. If you DO come, you DON'T know me as I need to be incognito....until after the show...then of course hugs are mandatory!!!

Bending the Line...! - July 10, 2012

Have been working on a pilot called "Bending the Line". I have been cast as the host for a new program that will interview NW artists. We have filmed the first episode and have given it to channel 9 to consider picking it up. The first artist I interviewed is Robert Fairfax. He works with many mediums including; fractul art, tiles, cement and unbelievably talented artist that warrents many reviews of his various creations! I am waiting for a video of the first episode and will download it for viewing when completed!!!

Tulalup Commercial....!!! - March 19, 2012

Got cast in a Tulalup Casino commercial for a two day shoot. Great on the edge production company (Fueled Creative) Bret Nielsen Producer did a fantastic job segwaying (did I spell that right?) through the different scenes. Very professional group of people to work with...great gig! PTW...Would love to get a copy of it to post on u-tube.....!!!!!

MaGraw Hill Voice Over... - February 10, 2012

A brain tickeler this gig was....all advanced math voice over work. But pays the bills!!!! And a few days in the studio!!

And the Music Continues... - February 25, 2011

My jazz trio now has been invited to perform every Sunday at the Capri Restaurant in Mill Creek, WA. It is family owned and Isabella and her family are very accommodating, warm and friendly...and the Italian food is delicious! I have some great musicians playing jazz standards with Chris Morton on keyboards and Nate Parker on bass. So come join us for a 'Sunday Funday' from 5-8pm every Sunday...I look forward to seeing you!!! Cheers!!

"Stickybuns" - January 15, 2010

Just heard tonight that I am cast in this new full feature film that will be shot in Seattle NICE to be a part of the film industry here in Seattle. Hopefully, this will continue as we have such a great talent pool of actors and the area can certainly support it IF they so choose..Great opportunity...Yipee!!

"I DO, I DO ! - January 15, 2010

My good friend Johnathan and I have been wanting to do this amazing two person musical for a long time...enter our good friend Pat Ainsworth and 'Last Leaf Productions' She cast us both and we are in the heart of rehearsals for this GREAT show...wonderful music and a heartfelt storyline...will we make it without cracking up? Only time will tell....The show will Premier February me for details....

and so the filming continues... - January 9, 2010

Just wrapped another indie film called "The Lunch Box" with David Jofre as director...I had such a great part as the "cougar" bartender. What a fun group to work with as well as efficient...gotta like that as well! Can't wait to see the final product!

"Love, Chase"'s a Movie! - October 23, 2009

My son Keaton and I recently have been cast in a short independent film called "My Space". I am very excited about being a part of this film because it is based on true stories and is a current theme in our society today. It portrays a mom who is struggling to control her fourteen year old daughter from getting carried away with her my space page and all the boys trying to seduce her. So, she creates a "nice" guy to talk with her daughter and keep her occupied. This eventually backfires and her daughter falls in love with this fictitous the point of changing her very existence.... We are filming through the month of October...I am SO happy to report ....I am co-writing a song with my cousin Janet that will be played at the end of the movie...called "My Angel" I will be singing the vocals and am very excited to have the opportunity!!!! now it's 2009...How Fine! - March 10, 2009

For the last three years I have put my music and acting career on hold due to family commitments. I am now formulating a plan to get back into the music scene in writing and performing...would like to create my own trio with like minds who want to collaborate writing new material with similar future goal is to create a show to bring on tour in Australia, where I have had around 20 Radio Stations playing my Christmas CD. Seems like a great place to tour, eh? So, cheers for now and I look forward to seeing you all at future gigs here in town, hopefully within the next year or so...make your dash count!

Ho, Ho, Ho and a New Musical Merry Christmas to you! - October 19, 2006

Greetings and Good News! After much prompting by promoters,friends and family,my new Christmas CD 'Gifts of the Season' is finally here! I am SO excited about this CD! It still amazes me to have an idea (let's create a new Christmas CD!) and then see it become a reality! It has been a great journey and I learn more everytime I finish a CD.I have my great musicians that are on all my other CD's. Piano player Randy Halberstadt is always a dream to work with. He comes up with great ideas on the spot for new arrangements and really is a wonderful accompanist. Next is my buddy Jeff Johnson with his soulful bass playing and great spirit. Finally, drum and percussion player Mark Ivester gave a powerful yet gentle touch to these songs with great rythems. There is a total of 13 songs on the CD, three of which are original songs that I co-wrote with my brother, David Gerstenberger. We have a system down where I write the lyrics and a form of the melody, and then my very talented brother helps create the music. Two of the original songs were already produced as singles. A new original 'Christmas Time' was added along with the others. In this new song I love the message of taking time out of our busy schedules during the Christmas season and enjoy our loved ones along with helping someone less fortunate than ourselves. I would love to see these original songs become classics someday! The other ten songs are great old fashioned Christmas Songs. On two of these classic Christmas songs I have two featured vocalists. On 'Baby It's Cold Outside' my duet partner is Johnathan Ries. He is dear friend with a great voice whom I have performed musical theatre with and actually produced,directed and performed our own Christmas show together! My next fabulous guest was brought to me by my promoter Michael Sutton. He suggested that I invite a Philippine singer to join me on the CD and sing in Tagolag, the native language. This I thought was a great idea, as the CD will be distributed by Mondo Distribution in the Philippines! My guest vocalist in 'Silent Night', Norm Santorin(stage
name:Tony Martin on VIVA Records) is a great surprise! Not only is he a wonderful person, his voice is fabulous! What a blessing to have both of these gentlemen on the CD! So, I hope I have tweaked your curiousity and can't wait for you to hear this great CD! I would also like to invite you to join my guestbook and let me know what you think! Until next time, enjoy each moment life brings... and may 'Gifts of the Season' bring you cozy, peaceful moments with your loved ones!

On the Acting front... - April 18, 2006

Now that I am back in Seattle I now have a new acting agent who is an absolutely fabulous agent as well as a great person!The agency is Dramatic Artists and my agent is Nancy Fox. Seattle is not as busy as it used to be, but I have been doing some voice over and print work. I'll keep you updated now on this new website! Sweet Regards!

Hear Oh Hear Some News of Great Importance... - April 17, 2006

A GGGreat opportunity has appeared for me that I would like to share with you all...I just signed with Broken Records/Mondo Distribution in the Philippines. They will be promoting,marketing and distributing my CD 'Misbehavin Heart in Tower Records and Music one stores across the country. This is so great because there is a great demand for the pop-jazz sound (They have already been playing my original Christmas songs on the radio nationwide last Christmas). Also, the people there still by CD's as MP3's are not as commonplace as here in the States. So, I will keep you posted...Have a Great Day! Sweet Regards...

Sisu Heart...What does it mean?... - April 14, 2006

Sisu Heart is the name of my Record company I just recently created when I was living in Los Angeles last pilot season...The name rings true to my 'heart'. Sisu is a finnish word meaning: Strength, Courage, Perseverance and Kindness. A little word with alot of meaning, all of which applies directly with being an artist in music and acting! Heart seems to be an unending theme in my life. My father called me "Heart" as a nickname from the time I can remember, and so is a tribute to him. I am thrilled to have Sisu Heart Records as my business name!

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